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Los Angeles Lap Band

Los Angeles Lap-Band® Surgery Clinic

If you face a daily struggle due to obesity, you are just one of millions of Americans that should consider getting the LAP-BAND® surgery to help with the chronic physical discomfort and self-consciousness brought on by excessive weight. Those concerned with how obesity will impact their health should contact Dr. Joseph Naim, a bariatric surgeon providing the LAP-BAND® surgery to Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County residents.

The procedure is designed to actually reduce the amount that your stomach can hold, making it easier to feel full and ultimately leading to natural, effortless weight loss.


Due to its use of laparoscopes (thin, long tubes inserted through very small incisions in the abdomen), the LAP-BAND® surgery is minimally invasive and doesn`t involve stapling procedures. Dr. Naim begins by placing a hollow tube around the stomach`s upper portion. Once healed, the band is then filled with a saline solution meant to taper down the upper portion of the stomach, forcing food to pass through your system more slowly. This ultimately shrinks your stomach, which means that with time you`ll begin to feel full after eating much less. Patients have reported a preference for the LAP-BAND® procedure over other forms of bariatric surgery due to the fact that it`s reversible and does not require the removal of any portion of the stomach or intestines.


As is the case with any surgery, the success of the surgery depends on how well you take care of yourself afterwards. After getting the LAP-BAND® Surgery in Los Angeles, diet and regular exercise become key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Naim has experience working with clients to determine an exercise and diet plan that will fit easily into their current lifestyle in Los Angeles. It`s also important to be careful to understand your new limits. Eating too much or too quickly can potentially cause nausea or even vomiting.

Patients that demonstrate proper care and maintain their healthy lifestyle can expect to lose a significant portion of their weight after the LAP BAND surgery in Los Angeles.* While it's true that patients that choose the LAP-BAND® do not typically lose as much weight as gastric bypass patients, the results of the surgery cannot be ignored. Many patients still choose to get LAP-BAND® surgery due to the fact that it`s a gastric band that can be adjusted if necessary.


The procedure isn`t for everyone. In order to qualify for the gastric banding procedure, a patient must:

  • Be over 18 years old, but under 60 years old
  • Have made serious but failed efforts in the past to lose weight using regular diet and exercise
  • Have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater or equal to 40, or a BMI of 30 or above, along with related health problems such as sleep apnea, diabetes, or high blood pressure
  • Have a commitment to making the necessary changes in lifestyle following LAP-BAND® surgery (including diet and exercise)

Our Los Angeles LAP BAND Surgery experts do not recommend the LAP-BAND® for those with digestive problems brought on by disorders like Crohn`s disease, advanced heart or lung disease, portal hypertension, pancreatitis, or a genetic history of autoimmune connective tissue disease.


There are a few different factors that can impact the cost you will pay. While most patients with insurance are able to receive partial or full coverage for the procedure, insurance types and details vary from carrier to carrier. Dr. Naim and his Los Angeles LAP BAND surgery team can lead you through the costs involved, in-house financing options, and other financing solutions.


To get more information on LAP-BAND® surgery in Los Angeles, including the risks, benefits, and potential complications, contact us today. Dr. Naim is a highly respected and widely recognized weight loss surgeon, and has performed more than two thousand weight loss surgery procedures over his many years of experience. He will consult with you and provide a thorough examination to see if you would be a good candidate for LAP-BAND®, or other procedures such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. Dr. Naim can also adjust an existing LAP-BAND® ring, even if it was put in by another physician.*

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary.