Are REALIZE & LAP BAND the Same?

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Joseph Naim, physician at Soma Weight Loss, answers how REALIZE® and LAP-BAND® are the same.

Dr. Naim – REALIZE® And LAP-BAND®, Are They The Same

Hello. I’m Dr. Joseph Naim, I’m a bariatric surgeon. I’m a board certified fellowship-trained surgeon. My specialty is weight loss surgery. Actually all of my practice is dedicated to weight loss surgery, the reason is that there’s an epidemic of obesity in America. And fortunately, we have multiple options that we can provide the patients with in terms of surgical weight loss… Basically there’re two different bands, two different companies, but they do the same thing. I would tell to most of my patients that the risk and complication are the same, but they are welcome to go online and to research. But it is basically the same kind of system for weight loss.

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