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What is ORBERA gastric balloon?

For overweight and obese adults in Los Angeles who have not been able to lose weight with diet and exercise, a gastric balloon is a great nonsurgical option. Soma Bariatrics uses the ORBERA gastric balloon, an innovative product that helps control hunger and aids in weight loss and maintenance.

Soma Bariatrics is one of the few facilities in the Los Angeles area performing this procedure.

5 Benefits of a Gastric Balloon


Is the ORBERA balloon safe?​

The ORBERA balloon is a safe, effective and FDA-approved device. Patients have been enjoying success with it for more than 20 years. However, as with any other medical device, there are potential risks associated with the balloon. Initially, it may upset your stomach as your body adjusts to the implant. And some patients may experience pain or discomfort, acid reflux, nausea and vomiting. More serious side effects include balloon intolerance, lack of proper hydration, intestinal obstruction, stomach infection, lung infection, compression of the pancreas, and in very rare cases, death.

Patients with severe liver damage, digestive issues and who are on daily medications that slow stomach emptying (including prescription aspirin, anticoagulants and anti-inflammatory agents), may be at increased risk and are not suitable candidates for ORBERA.

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How does the ORBERA gastric balloon procedure work?

The ORBERA gastric balloon procedure is quick and simple, taking only around 30 minutes. Patients can return home the same day. 

Here’s how it works:

  • An inflatable silicone balloon is inserted into the patient’s stomach via a gastroscope, which goes in through the patient’s mouth 
  • The ORBERA balloon is then filled with saline
  • Sedatives are used to minimize discomfort during the short procedure

The patient’s stomach capacity is decreased, increasing the patient’s satiety and ability to execute portion control.

The balloon stays in place for six months, at which point it is removed the same way it was inserted.

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After the ORBERA gastric balloon procedure

The gastric balloon is effective in helping patients integrate healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Because the gastric balloon is a temporary device, it should be viewed as a short-term aid.

To ensure the effectiveness of the gastric balloon, the patient enrolls in a coaching program after the procedure to adopt long-lasting healthy nutrition and fitness practices.  It’s crucial that patients have open and frequent communication with their support coaches.

The average person who undergoes a gastric balloon procedure loses 3.1 times as much weight over a six-month period as those who use diet and exercise alone, research shows. A gastric balloon can be a wonderful aid in improving your health and well-being.


Testimonials for Dr. Naim and Soma Weight Loss

“I had my procedure for the orbera balloon at the Soma Bariatrics outpatient center at the Beverly Hills location. It took all of 30 minutes. From start to finish I was treated like I was a human being, with comfort and respect. This is a warm and embracive environment. I can reassure anyone getting a procedure done here, you'll feel ultimate comfort. Dr Naim is very informative, nice, competent and thorough. I definitely recommend him.”
Tasha M.

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Adults who have a Body Mass Index of 30 to 40, and who have not been able to lose weight by following nutrition and exercise plans are ideal candidates for the Obalon balloon procedure. Obalon is designed to jump-start weight loss, and it has yielded promising results.

If you live in Los Angeles and want to learn more about the Obalon Balloon System, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Naim. Call at 855-SOMA-411 (766-2411) for more information.


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