Will Patients Feel Comfortable at Tri-City Regional Bariatric Program?

Our patients’ comfort is our top priority, and the staff at Soma Weight Loss are caring professionals who ensure patient well-being at all times. If you’re unsure about whether bariatric surgery is a good choice for you, watch Dr. Joseph Naim explain the benefits of attending a Los Angeles weight loss seminar.

Dr. Naim — Tri-City Regional Bariatric Program, Will Patients Feel Comfortable There 

 You know, I like to emphasize that the most important step is for you to come and see the surgeon, see the doctor. In my program when you make an appointment, we don’t require you to go through hoops before you see me. The first thing that you do, you come and see me. I wanna make sure that we are comfortable to each other. I wanna make sure that you trust me. And I wanna make sure that you’re gonna be a good patient.  
And after that step, we will help you to go through all the steps in terms of having a psychological evaluation, having a dietary evaluation, getting your insurance to cover the procedure. So you have to come and see the whole staff. You will feel comfortable. But I want you to make the call and come and see me. In you’re worried about meeting me, you are a little bit maybe shy, we have a very good website that you can go on, advancebariatric.com. And that website has a lot of information that you can get. Or you can just pick up the phone and talk to my program coordinator, and they will give you all the information.  
At the same [inaudible 00:01:17] of time, we have seminars that you can come with no questions asked, just listen to me talking. At the same time in the seminars, the patient who had the lap band surgery, the patient who had the sleeve gastrectomy, the patient who had gastric bypass, and you can talk to them.  
So that would be the first step, for you to get familiar with the options. And I want you to feel comfortable. And they all do, we make them feel at ease. 

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