Why Bariatric Procedures Should Be Performed at a Hospital

All Soma Weight Loss bariatric procedures are performed in Los Angeles-area hospitals to ensure the utmost in patient safety and comfort. Additionally, some bariatric surgeries require an overnight stay in the hospital. Learn more from Dr. Joseph Naim in this video.

Dr. Naim — Bariatric Procedures, Why Should They Be Performed At A Hospital 

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The banding operations, this is done as an outpatient. So we have surgical centers, all the hospitals that we can do the operation in. And most patients go home the same day. Obviously, the hospital has more equipment, more facilities, and if there’s a need for an overnight stay, it’s already there. In terms of the stapling operation like the sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric bypass, they’re always done in the hospital facility because they require one to two nights’ hospital stay. 
I only with hospitals that are known as a center of excellence. We have Tri-City Hospital, which is known as a center of excellence. What that means is that the hospital has shown to have a high volume with very good results. Therefore not only I have a lot of experience, the anesthesiologist has experience, the nurses have experience, the radiologists have experience. We have a whole system, whole alleys of different specialists like psychologists, dietician, cardiologists, pulmonologists, endocrinologists available in the hospital every day. They can come and visit the patient as needed. 
That’s different because most patients that have morbid obesity, not only they have a struggle with the weight, they also have multiple medical problems, like diabetes, like high blood pressure, like sleep apnea. So they’re a little bit high risk compared to healthy people. So we like to cover all aspects to make sure that everybody goes through the procedure safely and everybody goes back to their family the same night, or after one to two nights, and they enjoy the rest of their life with their family, with their kids. 
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