Is Bariatric Surgery a Life-Saving Procedure

Soma Weight Loss physician Dr. Joseph Naim explains how vital bariatric surgery is for some patients and the effects obesity has on quality of life. Dr. Naim also details some of his most notable bariatric surgery cases and talks about why family support is so vital during the process.

Dr. Naim — Bariatric Surgery, Is It A Life-Saving Procedure 

 Definitely. It’s been shown that people who are overweight don’t live as long as people who have lost weight and are healthier. So it has been documented and I think that this is a life-saving procedure. And if you ask any of my patients, they will tell you that their life has changed.  

Well, there’s…I’ve done about 1,000 weight-loss surgeries. So, every patient is unique in his case. There’s always things that stay in your mind. I have to say that my youngest patient is 12 years old, so she’s lost about 40, 50 pounds, and she’s very happy. My heaviest patient is about 640 pounds. He’s lost about 3 to 350 pounds, and he’s very happy. So they’re all unique. Very interesting that sometimes people, when they go under the stomach banding operations, I have a few patients that their husband even does not know about it. I don’t usually recommend this. I think that having a family support is important, but because these procedures are done so safely, it’s about a half an hour procedure, they go home the same day. It’s interesting that the significant other would not even know that they had a stomach banding

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