What Is the Patient’s Role in Successful Bariatric Surgery?

Dr. Joseph Naim, bariatric surgeon for Soma Weight Loss, explains how important the patient is in achieving bariatric surgery success. Watch this video to learn why patient commitment to healthy nutrition and exercise after the surgery is essential for optimal weight loss surgery results. Dr. Naim also talks about additional resources and support groups that Soma Weight Loss offers to help patients attain and maintain a healthy weight.  

Dr. Naim — After Bariatric Surgery, Will The Patient Play A Role In The Success? 


Does the patient play a part in the surgery? One hundred percent. These procedures, especially when it comes to the stomach banding, are basically tools that we provide the patient with. So they can take this tool and use it the way it’s supposed to be used, and get the benefits from it, which is basically losing the weight and controlling their medical problems. Or they can just have the surgery done, and forget about the other part. And they, unfortunately, will not have as good as a result that I expect. 
What’s a good result? I want my patient to lose at least half of their excess body weight. And if they do not change their eating habits, unfortunately sometimes they may not get there. That’s why I want them to come to support group. That’s why I want them to come and see my. That’s why the [inaudible 00:00:58], so we can give them the tool they need to lose the weight and keep it off. 

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