January 02, 2018 - by - in Bariatric Surgery

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Have you spent years hating getting your photo taken? Cringing when someone brought out their camera? Maybe you’d try to hide your body behind the other people in the picture… or better yet, volunteer to take the picture, so you didn’t have to be in it.

Here at Soma Weight Loss, we understand. As you navigate your life-changing weight loss journey, we want to do just the opposite — we want to put you in FRONT of the camera.

Celebrate with a photo shoot – on us!

When you reach your goal weight, we will treat you to a free photo with a professional photographer to help you celebrate your accomplishment. We just ask that you give us permission to feature your before and after photos on our blog and in social media.

Hitting your goal is a major milestone on the road to living a healthy, vibrant life. Show off a little! You deserve it.

Talk to Dr. Naim about scheduling your free professional photo shoot when you reach your goal. In the meantime… keep going!  You can do it.

Ami Soma

Ami has served as the patient coordinator for Soma Weight Loss for over five years, and is responsible for calling new patients, discussing procedures and scheduling consultations and follow-ups. She assists patients with setting up financing for their procedures and advises patients on their non-surgical weight loss options.