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Soma Weight Loss is proud to announce its 844-Soma-844 weight loss campaign across multiple media formats, including TV ads, radio, and billboards. The ads will be distributed across the Los Angeles area. They will refer consumers to our surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions.

We have already helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals following interventional procedures. Successful weight loss and maintaining one’s ideal body weight requires proper nutrition, exercise, emotional support, and other elements of a healthy lifestyle. Clients can reach us at 844-Soma-844 to take part in our weight loss program.

Our weight loss procedures include:

  • Gastric balloon – A balloon is inserted into the stomach and inflated, restricting capacity to help control hunger. No incisions are required, and the procedure can take under an hour.
  • Gastric sleeve – Suited for morbidly obese patients, a gastric sleeve procedure removes 80% of the stomach to reduce its volume and hormones that affect hunger and blood sugar.
  • Lap band – An adjustable band is placed around the upper part of the stomach, limiting how much you can eat, and thus the calories you take in.
  • Gastric bypass – Reduces the size of the stomach to help you feel full and eat less when diet and exercise alone haven’t had the desired results.
  • Tummy tuck – If excessive weight gain has stretched your skin, a tummy tuck removes sagging and excess skin from the abdomen, making it firmer and improving your muscle tone and profile.

In addition, we perform LINX surgery for patients diagnosed with Gastroesophageal reflux disease, as well as inguinal hernia surgery for groin hernia repair.

Call 844-Soma-844 to learn more.

Life-Changing Surgery by Dr. Joseph Naim

Dr. Naim is a bariatric surgeon who established a Los Angeles practice in 2004 and has been helping patients ever since. To date, he has performed over 2,000 bariatric surgeries. Having studied at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, he was also chief resident at New York Methodist Hospital and is the former medical director of bariatric surgery at St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach.

Call 844-Soma-844 to Experience Life-Changing Weight Loss

844 Soma 844 Campaign Billboard

There’s no doubt we’ve changed lives. From 40, 50, 60, to over 100 pounds, we’ve been a part of many a weight loss journey every step of the way.

The initial evaluation is always free. We accept most types of insurance.

Call Soma Weight Loss Now

Our ads are appearing and being aired all over Los Angeles. But you don’t have to wait to see a TV commercial or billboard. Call 844-Soma-844 right away to speak to one of our weight loss experts and start working with a patient coordinator. You can also reach out to us online with your questions or to set up a free consultation.

Remember, we’re just a phone away at 844-Soma-844. Call today for immediate help by a friendly, compassionate specialist.

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