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You’ve made the decision to have weight loss surgery and the day is fast approaching. There’s typically a short hospital stay following bariatric surgery, so even if you’re just having an outpatient procedure, deciding what to bring to the hospital with you ahead of time is a good idea.

This article shares some of the things you should pack for your hospital stay. You’ll also find a bariatric surgery hospital checklist at the end of the article to help you remember the items that you’ll need to keep you comfortable.

1. Comfy Clothing


pack comfy clothes for weight loss surgery

The operative word here is “comfy.” Post-surgery, you’ll want clothes that don’t require a lot of bending to put on, buttons or zippers – a night gown, open front sweater that you can easily slip into or pull-on sweatpants that aren’t tight at the waist are good to pack.  Slip on shoes or slippers with tread that grip the floor and aren’t too smooth and slippery are also essentials.

Soma Care Team Tip: Surgical suites are sometimes cold, so pack warm and cozy winter socks.

2. Entertainment

pack devices and headphones for weight loss surgery

Your iPad, laptop or phone are good companions when you’re in your hospital room. You can watch short videos, keep in touch with friends on your favorite social media platform or read a book. Just make sure your charger is also on your packing list.

If you’d rather unplug, bring along a couple of your favorite magazines, your current paperback or a journal to write down your thoughts.

Soma Care Team Tip: Bring an extension cord just in case you’re too far from the wall socket to use it comfortably. This goes goes for your extra long charging cables too.

3. Lotions and Chapstick

pack toiletries for weight loss surgery

Dry skin and chapped lips are no fun, especially when you’re in a hospital bed. Bring along your favorite body lotion and lip balm to help ward off dryness that’s typical following any kind of surgery.

Soma Care Team Tip: Pack face wipes or a facial spritzer for a cooling and soothing cleanse after your surgery.

4. Breath Spray/Hygiene

disposable mini toothbrush

Following surgery, your mouth will be dry, which can cause bad breath. You won’t be able to eat mints and probably won’t feel like getting up to brush your teeth. A tube of breath spray by your bedside is a convenient way to freshen breath. Disposable mini toothbrushes are another good option.

Soma Care Team Tip: Biotene mouth spray will freshen your breath and help with your dry mouth.  

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5. Air Freshener

After surgery, you’ll probably be gassy. It’s a natural function, but you may still feel uncomfortable when staff and visitors are in your room. Add a room freshener to your packing list and when needed, lightly spray your room to mask unpleasant odors.

Soma Care Team Tip: Consider getting an air freshener that neutralizes odors, rather than masking them.

6. Favorite Pillow or Charm

Whenever you’re away from home and not feeling your best, having a small memento that reminds you of being cozy at home is a good idea. Bring a packable lucky charm or stuffed animal that boosts your mood when you see it. And if you’re the type of person who can’t sleep without your own pillow, be sure to pack one too.

Soma Care Team Tip: Pack a small travel pillow for the car ride home. Placing the pillow between your upper body and the seatbelt will help minimize any pressure in that area, especially if there are any bumps in the road.

7. Your Best Attitude

Observational studies show a correlation between a positive attitude and better recovery from surgery or illness. One of the best things to take with you is your optimism, sense of humor and gratitude.

The Soma Care Team is Here to Answer Your Questions

Don’t let the excitement and anxiety distract you from preparing for your weight loss surgery. Do all you can to ensure that you’re comfortable during your hospital stay to set yourself up for the best recovery.  

Bariatric Surgery Hospital Checklist

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